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1956 aus Ungarn geflüchtet, war Klaus Rózsa 40 Jahre lang aus politischen Gründen staatenlos. Die Polizei verfolgte ihn als Gewerkschafter, Ausländer, linken Journalisten und verdeckt auch als Juden. Ein Biopic zur Pressefreiheit im Zusammenhang mit den politischen Bewegungen der letzten Jahrzehnte in der Schweiz.

Stateless - Klaus Rózsa, Photographer

Klaus Rozsa, a well-known and politically active photographer, lived in Zurich for decades as a stateless individual. All of his applications for naturalisation were refused on political grounds. In 1956 he fled Hungary, growing up in Switzerland with a Jewish father who had survived Auschwitz and Dachau. Due to the extreme proximity of such a fate, the camera led him repeatedly to places where injustice was done. It was this particular quality of his camerawork that proved fateful for him. State Security writes: “By recording police abuse, he interfered with the work of the police.” The latter harassed and abused him so frequently that he emigrated to Hungary in 2008, where he then entered into fresh confrontations.

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