Upcoming Screenings

Stateless – Klaus …Montreal CAFestival International du Film sur l'Art FIFA 26. März 2017, 6:00 PM
Stateless – Klaus …Zürich CHLunchkino Le Paris (1 Woche) from 4. April 2017, 12:15
Stateless – Klaus …Zürich CHLunchkino-Special mit E. Schmid, K. Rozsa 4. April 2017, 12:15
Stateless – Klaus …Zürich CHKino Le Paris Filmpremiere mit Podium 5. April 2017, 20:00
Stateless – Klaus …Zürich CHOffizieller Kinostart Arthouse (sh. Programm) from 6. April 2017
Stateless – Klaus …Bern CHKino Rex Premiere in Anw. v. E.S. u. K.R. from 6. April 2017, 20:15
Stateless – Klaus …St. Gallen CHKinok in der Lokremise in Anw. v. E.S. u. K.R. from 7. April 2017
Stateless – Klaus …Frauenfeld CHCinema Luna in Anw. v. E.S. u. K.R. from 9. April 2017, 11:00
Stateless – Klaus …Olten CHLichtspiel from 26. April 2017
Confessions in MamakZürich CH1. Mai Kasernenareal in Anw. v. E.S. u. Ezgi Akyol 30. April 2017, 20:00
Stateless – Klaus …Zug CHFLIZ im Kino Gotthard in Anw. der Regie 12. Juni 2017, 20:00
Stateless – Klaus …Bern CHSpecial Screening mit DJS JDS GDS t.b.a.
Stateless – Klaus …Männedorf ZH CHKino Wildenmann in Anw. v. E.S. u. K.R. t.b.a.
Cover DVD

Stateless – Klaus Rózsa, Photographer

A picture by Erich Schmid

Release: 2017.

Klaus Rózsa, who fled Hungary in 1956, was stateless for political reasons for over 40 years. The police persecuted him as a unionist, a foreigner, a left-wing journalist and, covertly, as a Jew. A biopic on freedom of the press in conjunction with the political movements of recent decades in Switzerland. More...

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